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Insta Police

As soon as someone enters the shop, the device will start calling multiple phone numbers.

This device has an in-built battery with 12+ hours of backup.

Insta Alarm

InstaAlarm is a unique security product that helps you scare the thieves away by activating a Siren/Alarm. It can be operated both with or without Wi-Fi connection. When not connected to any Wi-Fi connection, it can be operated manually with a switch. When connected to a Wi-Fi connection, it can be operated remotely via Mobile App as well as manually.

Insta Lock

As soon as someone enters your home or shop, the door will lock itself automatically.
The only way to go out is, if you let them, by pressing a button.
Use the remote to open the door to let someone come in or go out.


Phone: +91 90732 98259

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