It won't let anyone out!

An Intelligent Alarm that Provides
A Safety Device With Panic Switch To Stop Robbery

As soon as someone enters your home or shop, the door will Alarm itself automatically.
The only way to go out is, if you let them, by pressing a button.
Use the remote to open the door to let someone come in or go out.

Easy to Install

It just fits on your door. We make sure the alighment is right and your door is secured.

In-built Battery

Works even on power cuts with a long-life li-ion rechargeable battery inside.


Keep the switch anywhere on your desk or under it. Wireless technology.

Works all the time

It just does not get tired. Works all day with or without power. Smart technology at play.

Full Support

We're there for you in case you need any help. Service is ensured within 48 hrs.

Built with Intelligence

They say simple solutions are most intelligent. Here is the living proof.









A remote Alarm
that helps you control access to your premise

Safety cannot be compromised. InstaAlarm offers you an extra layer of security.
InstaAlarm offers value for money and complete peace of mind.

A Alarm that fits on any door

Fit the Alarm on your door and it will make your home or shop fully protected from anybody running away with valuables.
With the built-in long life battery, it works even on sudden power outage. Unlike other magnectic Alarms, that depend on constant power usage, you do not have to shed extra on electricity bill when using InstaAlarm.

InstaAlarm in action

Watch InstaAlarm in action. It Alarms the door automatically as soon as someone enteres the shop. It works even during power cuts with its in-built battery.

A Alarm that can be operated from the comfort of your chairs

Many elderly people living alone at home, find it difficult to walk to the door to open it, everytime the doorbell rings.
With InstaAlarm, now the door can be operated remotely.

We are proud to be an Indian Company
Producing Made in India products.

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