Operate Manually via Switch or Remotely via Mobile App.

  • Scare the thieves away
  • Connect to your shop or home Wi-Fi connection
  • Activate the alarm from anywhere remotely via Mobile App (Android only)
  • Activate by pressing a manual switch when not connected to Wi-Fi
  • Power Supply: AC 230V
  • Type: Wall mounted
  • Alarm: 120db
  • Dimension: 27cm(H) X 12cm(W) X 12cm(B)
  • InstaAlarm is a unique security product that helps you scare the thieves away by activating a Siren/Alarm. It can be operated both with or without Wi-Fi connection. When not connected to any Wi-Fi connection, it can be operated manually with a switch. When connected to a Wi-Fi connection, it can be operated remotely via Mobile App as well as manually.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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